Pit stop at Tapas Revolution

I know I talk about it a lot, but is there anything on Earth better than taking a short pit stop and propping yourself up at the bar of a little restaurant selling tapas? I love dipping in and out of different dishes, sitting chatting with a glass of vino in hand.

Recently, I was en-route to Digbeth to see a band (a family friend was the guitarist) and I needed a quick bite to eat before hitting Cleary’s Irish Bar. The band weren’t coming on until 11pm and so a full belly would only serve to send me to sleep before a heavy night on the booze.

Despite the fact that Birmingham’s New Street Station turned into a hub of shopping outlets and restaurants way back in 2015 and was renamed Grand Central, I am guilty of doing the typical thing that locals do and never sampling anything more than the prosecco on tap bar and nipping in to Boots. Quite simply, I would run in and out of the station faster than a shark on speed.

I’d read pretty good things about Tapas Revolution on Trip Advisor and due to it being one of the only restaurants in the station to be serving food after 9pm, I decided to sample what was on offer.

The gluten free symbol featured heavily on a lot of the choices. The struggle I had as usual was with dairy free dishes. After a conversation with the helpful waitress, I opted for Paella and Bacalao con Piperrada, roasted cod loin with slow cooked red peppers and olives, all washed down with a jug of sangria (to share obviously).

I’m a massive fan of Paella, especially when squid and prawns are involved, however, this time I would like to give a massive shout out to the chef who decided to combine cod with peppers and olives. Any fans of the traditional fish and chip supper will most likely agree that if you stripped the deep fried batter off this cold water fish, there’s a high chance it would taste dry and bland. Tapas Revolution created a masterpiece that left you wanting more.

The Paella was delicious. Granted, it didn’t compare in quality to the best I’ve ever tasted in Spain, but it filled me up and was fresh. Price wise, we ordered four dishes, olives and sangria and it came to under £40. There were also set menus on offer that were both reasonably priced and provided the opportunity to sample a selection of little dishes, although of course not all gluten free.

Overall, Tapas Revolution really hit the spot when I needed speedy, friendly service and tasty food. Will I go again soon? Perhaps not – I’ll be too busy running in or out of the station. I would though recommend it to people passing by, whether they be shopping, having a little lunch break or meeting someone for a quick business meeting.

Top marks Tapas Revolution!

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