Hi fellow foodies!

My name is Soph, I’m a Birmingham based blogger and I can’t eat gluten or milk. It’s fine, honestly. It all started at the age of 12 after I’d had a couple of operations and was in and out of hospital for a few years. All of a sudden, my body started a fight with food and I got ill every time I ate certain things.

Miss Body McBoderson, however, failed to realise my immense love of food, and after years of playing Russian roulette and staring at people’s delicious dishes whilst I ate plain, boring food, I declared to the nation (AKA my family in the lounge) that I would start cooking such delicious food, that it would be the ‘normal eaters’ staring at my food longingly, wishing they were eating it.

Alas, here we are today, cooking, eating and dribbling our way through life.

If you love food, cook food, or just enjoy talking about food, get involved. I promise I don’t bite! Pun completely intended.

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