Bob Got Big Boy Burger Back to eating locally

Anyone that lived through the great gluten free drought of the nineties and noughties will relate to the years spent dribbling over burgers, pizza, garlic dough balls and freshly baked bread. The demand for gluten free products was minimal and the poor ‘free-from-ers’ such as myself had to make do with gluten free prescription goodies, naked burgers and the cardinal sin of onion rings without the batter – believe me, they existed!

It is then no surprise that I bloody love a burger when I know I can get a gluten free bun. On a recent visit to my old childhood holibobs destination of Dartmouth, I tried and tested what my Dad would refer to as ‘THE BEST EVER!’ Now I know I recently boasted about Burger Theory being the bees knees, but let me tell you, I’ve loved and left since then.

After stumbling, sorry, walking out of the oldest pub in Dartmouth, The Seven Stars, me and my boyfriend were looking for somewhere where we could both eat like a horse as both standard and gluten free diners. Kendricks was busy and being a Saturday night, we assumed we wouldn’t be able to get in. Thankfully, we were placed at a small window table, perfect for watching the hammering rain come down inside safe in the knowledge that we were safe and dry.

The menu stated that burgers could be ordered with a gluten free bun and so I opted for Bob’s Big Boy, containing not one, but two 6oz steak patties with crispy pancetta, gherkin, tomato, lettuce, red onion and seasoned fries. I knew I was on to a good thing when the plate arrived and my burger stood proudly atop like the Grand Canyon, confident in its ability to impress. The gluten free bun was out of this world and I guessed that it had probably been freshly baked in a local bakery rather than shop brought. The beef patty, which apparently was made on site, tasted fresh, flavoursome and plentiful – in fact, it was possibly the best patty I’ve ever tasted in a restaurant.

Kendrick’s motto is ‘Think Global Eat Local’ and after tasting both the meat and the bread, I do believe that where possible they source locally. I ordered a Plymouth Gin to wash my burger down with, after all, I’m all about tasting local produce, whether in food or drinks form.

The menu at Kendrick’s isn’t extensive, but it doesn’t need to be. If you’re passionate about eating quality sourced burgers, steaks, ribs, fajitas and the like, this place is for you. Quite frankly, Kendrick’s is a true foodie paradise and offers up an opportunity to take some seriously Instagrammable patty pics. Now tell me Kendrick’s, when are you coming to Brum?

A very British pastime: Fish and Chips at The Wheelhouse in Dartmouth


Anyone who calls themselves British will know how much we as a nation love the humble fish and chips. It’s painstakingly difficult when you become gluten free to have to give up this luxury. There’s simply no way to describe it, you feel as if you’ve failed at being British and you wonder if you’ll ever enjoy a Friday night treat again.

Well hold your horses, because I’ve discovered a new dig to get your cheeky Friday night takeaway. Yes, it might be in Devon, a good 150 something miles away from where I live, but that’s the added benefit, you’ll just have to venture there on holiday.

When I first walked past The Wheelhouse on a typically rainy English afternoon in Dartmouth, I thought ‘bingo’ there is a purpose to being soaked from head to toe. After drying off and warming up with a good old cuppa, me and my family ventured down to the town to sample for ourselves the fresh fish and potato concoctions, otherwise known as chips.

Alas, I could have my gluten free batter with either haddock or cod. Being sensible, I ordered haddock , after all I didn’t have much to lose as I’ve tasted some sinfully dreadful gluten free fish in my time. Luckily for me, the batter was cooked to perfection and the chips were nice and fresh. We had warned them half an hour earlier of our arrival when we were walking back to our holiday apartment, which was a benefit as the staff had time to mix the gluten free batter and let it stand for a while. I am told that much like pancake mix, letting the batter rest will allow it to set better when frying the fish and I would vouch for that as the batter was golden and crispy.

If you ever do venture down to the beautiful seaside town of Dartmouth in South Devon, I would highly recommend taking a little trip to this chippie. If low and behold you happen to be there on a sunny day, take your fish and chips down to the front and grab a bench where you’ll be able to sit and watch all the comings and goings of the boats on the estuary. Make sure to keep your dinner close by as the seagulls have a habit of sneaking in and flying off with a chip, or in the case of my brother when we were younger, his whole sandwich. A crabbing kit is a necessity too whether you’re young or old – just make sure to use bacon as bait and you’ll have a never ending line of sideways walking friends clinging onto the line to come up and say hello.