Hard Rock Café Dublin

This weekend I finally took my first trip to Dublin. After years of trying to get the money together to go for a few days but never succeeding, me and my friend decided to go for just the day. With the flight only taking 40 minutes from Birmingham and the tickets costing less than travelling by train to London, there really was nothing to lose.

The first trip we took was to the Guinness factory, and although I couldn’t drink the Guinness, I did get to pour a pint and visit the roof top bar overlooking the whole of Dublin and so the view was worth the price of the 16 euro ticket alone.

The main worry for anyone suffering from Coeliac disease or allergies however, is always finding somewhere to eat when visiting a new place. I decided that my best bet for finding a ‘free from’ safe place was probably on the city’s famous Temple Bar as this is one of the places most tourists flock to for a pint and pub grub.

Luckily for me I came across a TGI Friday’s which I know do a gluten free menu and Hard Rock Café, both located on Fleet Street. I asked upon arriving if Hard Rock Café did a gluten free menu and they presented me with a few options for main meals, appetisers and side dishes.

Like a lot of establishments, steak is always a safe option for anyone with allergies and the menu had included a choice of two varieties of steak dishes and one fish dish with allergen information. I opted for the New York strip steak, as did my friend and I have to say I was very impressed when it arrived.


The portions were very big, as you’d expect from an American chain restaurant, but the quality of the steak was very good – flavoursome and tender, but most of all cooked perfectly to my preference of medium rare. I was even more happy to be given a big stack of chips as I haven’t been able to eat proper thin cut chips at a restaurant in years due to them always being cooked in flour.

Overall, I had a fantastic meal and would recommend Hard Rock Café to anyone with food allergies as they were accommodating to my needs. Although there is not a great deal in terms of gluten free meals, the size and quality of the food is well worth it if you appreciate a good steak.

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