Perfect Pudology


I have always had a massive sweet tooth and one of the hardest things I have had to live without since developing intolerances is good puddings. Before my food problems began, I would always pick the pudding over the starter and so when I had to cut out cow’s milk in addition to gluten, wheat and high levels of sugar, I thought puddings were a thing of the past for me.

A few days before I went to the Allergy and Free From Show in Liverpool, I happened to come across Pudology, a young company offering dairy and gluten free desserts. The small but beautifully made desserts reminded me of the GU puddings I see in the supermarkets and are available in banoffee, chocolate, strawberry and lemon flavour.

I made it my mission to find the Pudology stall at the show and was presented with samples of the most delicious and creamy tasting desserts I have ever tasted in the Free From range, in fact, I would have no qualms in serving up these yummy desserts to family and friends and I doubt they would ever guess they were dairy free.

Being a greedy guts I bought one pack of each flavour, including the new chocolate orange pud which was like eating a Terry’s Chocolate Orange in mousse form. My favourite was without a doubt the banoffee flavour, as I loved the combination of the layers which were all scrumptious in the taste department, however, in joint second place is the pure chocolate pud, as well as chocolate orange – I can’t force myself to choose as they are both amazing.

I am really pleased I discovered Pudology as I can finally eat delicious desserts safe in the knowledge that they won’t make me ill and I can’t wait to taste more of these puds as more flavours are brought out.

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