Creamy harissa Tunisian chicken bake


I only discovered harissa paste a few years ago, but boy am I glad I did, as it is must be one of the best things to keep in your store cupboard for when you need to throw in a bit of flavour to a bland piece of meat or fish.
Harissa paste is actually very simple to make yourself at home, but for convenience and ease, keeping a jar in for a week night when you need a quick fix is great. I love to add a few dollops of harissa to homemade meatballs to introduce a bit of a kick, but it also really helps to moisten the beef mince and create a nice juice that isn’t too greasy.
The great thing about this tray bake is that you can incorporate any ingredients you see fit. If there’s vegetables stuck in your fridge waiting to go out of date, throw them into the mix and with a pinch of pepper and herbs, a good few minutes in the oven will make them taste yumcious. Although I’ve used rice in this recipe, the dish tastes equally great with quinoa or gluten free cous cous.
• 3 tbsp harissa paste
• Quarter pot of dairy free yoghurt, such as Alpro soya
• 2 pieces chicken slashed
• Half sweet potato
• 1 red onion
• Basmati rice
• Coriander
• Salt & pepper

1) Mix 2tbsp of the harissa with the soya yoghurt. Slash the chicken breasts and marinate with the harissa.
2) Chop the sweet potato into wedges and slice the red onions into curves. Throw in another tbsp of harissa and mix well with olive oil.
3) Season well with salt and pepper and place on the tray.
4) Roast in the oven for 35 minutes until golden and soft.
5) Cook the basmati rice and sprinkle with coriander.

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