Sail on down to The Ship Inn


My all-time favourite thing in life to get my gnashers into is a good Sunday roast. Every single Sunday when I was growing up, we had a roast dinner without fail, and even though it is a little embarrassing to admit, my Mom would ensure we found a British pub when we holidayed in Greece just so we didn’t miss out on our tasty din dins on the Sabbath day.

Like every other English person on this earth, nothing will ever compare to my Mom’s home cooked roast dinner. In fact, if Marco Pierre White came round and cooked me an à la carte version of beef, roasties and yorkie puds, well I may have to tell him where to go, Momma’s cooking wins every time.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found many places out there that offer gluten free and dairy free Sunday roasts, which I find astonishing as they can be so easily adjusted. All it requires is to make sure the gravy isn’t made using a stock cube and the roast potatoes don’t get rolled around aimlessly in wheat flour. And let’s face it, they don’t need to be anywhere near those evil ingredients in the first place.

When I was holidaying in Norfolk, if you can call camping during thunderstorms a holiday, me and my family stumbled across a beach side pub called The Ship Inn in Mundesley on our final day. Of course, being a pub in the middle of a tiny village on a bank holiday, I was bracing myself for another bland steak and chips, or gammon and chips, as I honestly didn’t think they would cater for my roast dinner craving needs – Little did I know.

The waitress came back from the kitchens telling me a small list of things which were gluten and dairy free, and to my delight the chef was more than happy, or should I say obliged to cook me up a special dinner, complete with gluten free Yorkshire puddings. Not only that, but I was allowed the choice of a starter as well with gluten free bread, to which I ordered tomato and basil soup which tasted delicious and really fresh.


Of course, with the offer of yorkie puds it would have been rude not to order the beef, which came as a huge portion with potatoes, parsnips and vegetables, which I have to say I completely demolished alongside a nice cold cider.

This little seaside pub was an absolute gem and a lovely place to spend a nice sunny bank holiday down by the beach. I can’t recommend the food enough, they didn’t rip you off and were very accommodating of my dietary needs.

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