Lazy Day Food’s Brilliant Biscuits


IMG_0086Tea and biscuits is one of the best things in life. As a nation we are truly obsessed with these two things, to the extent that we have long debates over whether a Jaffa Cake falls into the category of cake or biscuit, to which biscuit is best for dunking.

My favourite biscuits and cakes by far, are made by Lazy Days Food. These vegan sweet treats are all gluten, wheat, dairy and egg free and are made in Scotland by food scientists with a particular interest in intolerances.

In the biscuit range I love the Belgian Dark Chocolate Ginger Snaps the most. Combining my two absolute favourite things in life, chocolate and ginger, these biscuits are the best things I have ever tasted, and I’m not just comparing them to only free from biscuits. I can honestly say that if I handed these out to non ‘free fromers,’ I don’t think they would ever believe they are gluten, wheat and dairy free. If you love ginger as much as I do, then these are for you, but just don’t dunk them – I did and lost half my biscuit in my cup of tea.


The Millionaire’s Shortbread is simply heaven on a plate. I adore shortbread, caramel and chocolate, so what could I possibly hate about these. I admit, I buy these the most as not only are they sold in Sainsbury’s, but they are my favourite of all the Lazy Day tray bake varieties.

The Chocolate Ginger Truffle Slices consist of Belgian chocolate and ginger truffle, with biscuit and sultanas in the middle, and are finished off with a delicious crunchy ginger stripe across the top which I think really compliments the soft cake. I love ginger and personally, I do like my ginger cakes and biscuits to be quite strong in taste, to which these fit the bill. However, I would say that if you are not a massive fan of a lot of ginger, these may be quite rich in flavour, but personally I love them and they come in second place amongst the tray bakes.

The Belgian Dark Chocolate Tiffin is slightly similar to a Rocky Road, covered in Belgian chocolate, with sultanas and biscuit as the filling, they are just a few marshmallows away from being the real thing. If you’re a chocolate lover, then these are to die for, and I think we can say we’ve had our fruit intake with the juicy sultanas included….can’t we?

Other biscuits and tray bakes in the Lazy Day Food range include the Chocolate Orange Slice, Ginger Snaps, Scottish Shortbread, Chocolate Chip Scottish Shortbread and Iced Fruit Cake Slice which tastes just like a tiny piece of Christmas pudding. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to purchase more of these delicious treats and the company has definitely got a customer for life in me!


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