Genius Gluten Free Crumpets

When I was a kid, one of the things we used to have as a treat for breakfast on a Sunday was crumpets smothered in melted butter. Whenever I smelt them toasting downstairs I immediately wanted one, and so giving up this traditionally British delicacy when I became a ‘free fromer’ was pretty tough.

I first sampled the Genius gluten free crumpets when I was at the BBC Good Food Show in November. I admit, I had seen them on the shelves at supermarkets already even though they were fairly new, but it wasn’t until I was handed a piece to try at the company’s stand that I decided to take a pack home.

Sold in a pack of 4, initially the crumpets look the same as normal wheat based ones. I did find them to be slightly chewier than what I remember of the regular sort and I would recommend grilling them until they are slightly browner just to soften them up a little bit more ( I did this the second time around and found them a bit better)

One strange but crucial thing that I noticed was that even though I put a great deal of butter on to them, it did not melt all the way through the crumpets. When I used to be able to eat regular crumpets, the butter would melt all the way to the bottom so that I would be able to mop it up at the end. I do actually believe that maybe if the crumpets could be made a little thinner in the middle, they may have a bit more moisture and taste.

I topped one crumpet with honey which was really tasty and actually gave it more flavour as it added a little sweetness to the mix. Overall, I can’t complain as Genius has given me back something which I have really missed since following an allergy free diet. I bought the crumpets for just £1 at the food show which was a really good offer, however, even though I would love to buy them again and hopefully see people’s comments taken into consideration in order to improve them, at the moment I feel as though the retail price of £2.19 is overpriced for what is on offer.

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